About me

I talk. A lot. Probably too much. My husband does not. But when he does, people really listen. One day after proudly showing off my first, and somewhat amazingly, thriving vegetable patch, Daniel first encouraged me and then quietly spoke a few well-selected words:

“Wonder is all around us, happening every moment. You only have to stop, open your eyes, and look”.

His words resonated with me. Running through the sprinkler on a hot summer afternoon. Driving along a country road bordered by huge poplar trees. Making daisy chains in the sunshine. Going for a drive with my older cousin in her vintage convertible and feeling so cool and free. Staying up late to watch 21 Jump St on a Saturday night with Mum. Gripping my father’s arm tightly as I made my final walk as a single girl. Holding for the first time the two little girls I am honored to call my daughters. Seeing their sunlit hair as they play in the yard and never, ever wanting to forget that moment.

These are the precious and wondrous moments that have defined my life. A continuing story that I love to tell through my pictures.

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